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Product Detailed

1,New model with square indicator.
3,CE,KEMA,CB Certificated.
4,IEC60898 Conformed.
5,1,2,3,4P and 1-63A.

BDM19S-63 Miniature Circuit Breaker


Construction and Feature
The state-of-art design
Elegant appearance;cover and handle in arc shape make comfortable operation.
Contact position indicating window
Transparent cover designed to carry label.
Handle central-staying function for circuit fault indicating
In case of overload, to protect circuit,MCB handle trips and stays at central position, which enables a quick solution to the faulty line. The handle cannot stay in such position when operated manually.
High short-circuit capacity
High short-circuit capacity 6KA for whole range and 10kA capacity for current rating up to 40A thanks to the powerful electric arc extinguishing system.
Long electrical endurance up to 6000 cycles thanks to quick making mechanism.
Handle padlock device
MCB handle can be locked either at "ON"position or at "OFF"position to prevent unwanted operation of the product.
Screw terminal lock device
The lock device prevents unwanted or casual dismounting of connected terminals.

Technical Data
Pole No:1,1P+N,2,3,3P+N,4
Rated voltage:AC 230/400V
Rated current(A): 1,2,3,4,6,10,13,16,20,25,32,40,50,63
Tripping curve:B,C,D
Rated short-circuit capacity(lcn):6kA
Rated service short-circuit breaking capacity(lcs):7.5kA
Rated frequency:50/60Hz
Energy limiting class:3
Rated impulse withstand voltage:6.2kV
Electro-mechanical endurance:8000 Contact positon indication
Connection terminal:
Screw terminal
Pillar terminal with clamp
Connection capacity: Rigid conductor up to 25mm2
Terminal Connection Height:19mm
Fastening torque:2.0Nm
On symmetrical DIN rail 35mm
Panel mounting
B The short-circuit release is to be set up to 3 In through 5 In.It serves especially for protection of circuits with such devices which do not cause any current surges(lights or socket circuits etc.)
C The short-circuit release is to be set up to 5 In through 10 In.It serves especially for protection of circuits with such devices which cause some current surges(groups of bulbs, motors etc.)
D The short-circuit release is to be set up to 10 In through 20 In. It serves especially for protection of circuits with devices which cause high current surges(transformers,double-pole motors,motors with heavy start etc.)
Nominal voltage:
1P (single-pole)~230/400V 50/60Hz
3P (three-pole)~400V 50/60Hz
Rupturing capacity:
EN60898-10,000A(nominal short-circuit and operational rupturing capacity)
Protection:IP40 for a sole MCB with its design, it protects against a hazardous finger or instrument touch as well as against very small foreign objects; It is without any protection against water leakage (water protection is to be solved with design of the switchboard casing)
Ambient temperatue: -5oC to +40oC pursuant to EN60898
Gauging temperature:+30oC pursuant to EN60898
Max.pre-inserted fuse:100AgG(>10kA)
Mechanical lifetime:≤20,000 cycles
Electrical lifetime:≤8,000 cycles
Fastening:By means of an unique snap mechanism(with arrestment in final positions)the carrying DIN strip EN50022,width 35mm, or even onto the falt surface by means of screws.
Removal form the DIN strip:
By means of an unique auxiliary snap mechanism, the MCB can be removed even from a row of devices mutually interconnected by a forked or reed rack strip without necessity to dismantle the whole interconnecting strip.
Input terminals:
Clip terminals(with barrier layer), snap-locked against the worse input of a conductor
The input and output can be interchanged
They enable more conductors as well as interconnecting strips to be connected
Connect ability of conductors (Maximum cross-sections):
35mm2 solid conductor
25mm2 stranded conductor
Terminal protection:IP20
Tightening moment for terminals
2Nm(combined slotted-head screw)
Manufacture standard
EN60898,same to IEC 60898
Selectivity calss:3
Colored levers:
For better distinction among circuits in the switchboards,we supply also miniature circuit breaker with distinction of nominal currents by means of colored levers corresponding to the colors of turn fuses
8A(Light green)
Can be delivered also with only black levers

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